About me

I’m currently a lecturer (teaching only) at the department of Biology & Biochemistry and postdoctoral researcher within the Sartbaeva group in the department of Chemistry at the University of Bath.

I will be moving onwards to the position of CTO, July 2022, as part of the new Bath University spin-out EnsiliTech.

I received my BSc in Biology and Medical Laboratory research from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Groningen, The Netherlands) in 2011, MSc in Biomedical Sciences from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2014 and have worked in industry between studies.

My experience is related to virology and vaccine development during intern-ships and industrial jobs in the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

I am currently working on the ensilication of vaccines project since the start of my Chemistry PhD in September 2015 where I combined my industrial experience with chemical methodologies and biophysical characterisation to help improve global health.

My PhD thesis is titled “Ensilication of tetanus toxin C fragment for the development of thermally stable vaccines” which you can find here.